We are a value-driven organization committed to finding and securing leaders. Our reputation has been built by working with the top tier tailoring our skill sets and networking capabilities by continuing to place senior-level executives at leading companies who are driving innovation, growth and profitability for our clients in the short and long term. 

Our expertise spans across the consumer sectors and covers top level management roles for C-Suite and Senior Level management positions across operations, finance, accounting, human resources, information technology, sales, marketing, and supply chain management. We specialize in confidential, targeted headhunting and open market, wide ranging executive search that secures talent with diverse experience and forward thinking problem solving capabilities that complements our clients current needs, defines their future trajectory, and aligns with their corporate culture to boost their employee population.

Through this philosophy of delivering the highest standards of integrity, professionalism and respect with both our clients and potential candidates in mind we have created an integrated platform based in Asia that extends the length of top leaders tenure and ensures our clients are equipped for change and growth into the future.


    Japanese culture, process and protocol can be overwhelming and confusing for most new companies entering the marketplace and for many foreign companies already operating within the territory. Navigating Japanese corporate registrations, regulations, and requirements has become a refined expertise that many of our clients utilize allowing them to conduct business more quickly and to avoid unforeseen and costly bureaucracy. 

    Our goal is to keep our clients teams focused on what they do best by absorbing high level back office and operational administrative support to determine and establish: 

    • Japanese Corporations (KK)
    • Special purpose Companies (GK)
    • Nominee Services
    • Registered Address
    • Branch Offices (BO)
    • Subsidiary Establishment Procedures
    • Permanent Establishment
    • Legal Affairs Bureau documentation
    • Governmental Notices and Requirements
    • Capital, Financial and Accounting Compliance 
    • Corporate Tax Compliance and Incentives




    We understand that our clients today have more ways to influence and connect with their consumers than ever before which requires a new type of high impact, shorter term communications strategies driven by pinpointed one-off executions.  

    We focus on building authentic and trusted relationships for our clients with influencers, celebrities and entertainment outlets thats creates specialized engagement and endorsement associations spread across many public facing touchpoints and platforms.

    For each standalone activation, we build a unique team of niche and territory specific experts that compliments our internal capabilities, staff and database to create speed to market, budget efficiencies and a greater diversity of highly focused options for our clients across multiple territories that gets the right message to the right people at the right time.


    • VIP and Celebrity Engagement

    • Industry Specific Leadership and Corporate Associations 

    • Social Media Strategy

    • Influencer Engagement

    • Editorial and  Coverage

    • Event Conception and Execution

    • Partnerships and Sponsorships

    • Film and Production Support

    • Product Seeding

    • Film Support 

    • Localizing Brand Development 

    • Talent Acquisition